Our services cut across:

  • Income Taxes

  1. Personal
  2. Business Tax
  • IRS representation services

  • Accounting Assistance – Bookkeeping

  • Strategic consulting

Income Taxes: 

our services include the accurate and timely reporting of income in two major components

Personal tax:

We have got so many happy clients from all backgrounds and from all walks. We thrive in their success and serving them gives us joy. Our tax department consists of experienced and well-seasoned professionals that are ever ready to assist you with your tax fillings. MARTINEZCRESPO, CPA is part of the EntreLeadership Master Series program (addlink) and as such, our accountants have better understanding of business and personal endeavors at a more detailed level.

Business Tax:

All you need to do is to allow us to be part of your strategic team with your business and leave the rest for us. MARTINEZCRESPO, CPA will assist you with your needed tax fillings. Our main focus is to search for the greatest tax strategy that can save you money while compliant with the ever changing tax code.

  • Income tax planning and preparation
  • Multi-year and Transactional tax planning
  • Tax credit planning

IRS representation services:

MARTINEZCRESPO, CPA takes care of your audits removing the worry and the guess work off your head. We will represent you with professionalism and integrity. We go the extra mile; we will assist you with audit, communication and also provides assistance with IRS office visits, till settlement is reached with the IRS.

MARTINEZCRESPO, CPA will assist you with audit, communication and also be by your side during IRS office visits, including reaching settlement with the IRS. MARTINEZCRESPO, CPA is always working in your best interest!


Bookkeeping solution custom fitted to your needs and budget. We thrive in using the latest technology to streamline the accounting process’ allowing you focus in your growing business. Our firm is part of the QuickBooks ProAdvisor program, but our professional are not limited to working with QuickBooks, we also can assist you with PeachTree or FreshBooks.

Strategic consulting:

MARTINEZCRESPO, CPA offers custom business consulting, every individual is unique so, also every business. Business operate differently and each industry has custom mode of operation, therefore we help business owners by partnering  with them in identifying risks and opportunities based on strength and external factors at their surroundings.

We have a network of strong professionals that can provide best practices and guidance with business administration functions, from HR compliance to insurance and legal. In short we can operate as your on-demand CFO. For more information on this or any of our services, please send us an email or call us!